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Retired KGB colonel Yuri Petrovich Sagaydak is blackmailing various businessmen, hoping to obtain a residence permit in Austria or Hungary. He is trying to get the right to reside with the help of false denunciations, which have partially already turned against him in the form of criminal cases in Lithuania and Germany. On 18.10.2019, Austria’s main news portal OE24


Sagaydak claims to law enforcement agencies of various countries that he revealed the theft of budget funds by officials from Kazakhstan. At the same time, from the persons on whom he filed a denunciation, Sagaydak demands hundreds of thousands of euros.

Colonel Sagaydak summons high-ranking officials as witnesses, such as the former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Masimov, the former Chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, the former Prosecutor General of the country, the Minister of Justice and others. Kazakhstan conducted international processes related to the search for the former son-in-law of President Nazarbayev, General Rakhat Aliyev, as well as with the return of hundreds of millions of dollars stolen by him. Now Sagaydak accuses his former customers from Kazakhstan of financial crimes against the state.

The Russian banker Alexander Lebedev, whose Sagaydak tried to “squeeze” the National Reserve Bank (NRB) in 2011, was able to deeply study the phenomenon of this character, as if coming out of the yard hooliganism of the 90s. In his blog, which is one of the most visited in the mail.ru rating, the publisher of Moscow’s Novaya Gazeta, London’s Evening standard and Independent is not shy in expressions:

“Sagaydak specializes in organizing raids and acts as an intermediary between “werewolves in epaulettes” [RUSSIAN ex KGB] and entrepreneurs whose business they want to take away... Sometimes he invited us to run over someone. But I refused such suggestions..."

Sagaydak is trying to convince the authorities of several countries, including Lithuania, Russia and Austria, that he actually "found" Rakhat Aliyev’s and his treasures, revealing a conspiracy. For this information, he hopes to obtain the right to permanent residence in the European Union. Often hiding that in 1989, after being expelled as an agent of KGB from the UK. A few years ago, Yuri Sagaydak was expelled also from Lithuania, where he first received a residence permit as an investor, but then it turned out that he misled the authorities. He succeeded in overcoming the initial control of the Lithuanian counterintelligence thanks to the "old connections" - contact with former Minister of Defense Audrius Butkevičius, sentenced to five and a half years in prison in Lithuania for attempted fraud. According to the Vilnius weekly Veidas

Link: http://www.veidas.lt/the-kgb-spy-kicked-out-from-england-thrives-in-uzupis

in 2011 Yuri Sagaydak registered the company Consulit UAB at Butkevicius in Vilnius. The company allegedly employed several people.

Intelligence agencies became interested in Sagaydak companies when Vesna Holding S.A., Volna Ltd. from Belize and Intalia LLC found themselves involved in legalizing the dubious painting attributed to Modigliani’s brush related to the collection of Boris Berezovsky. Owner of the offshore Vesna Holding Ltd. tried to create an illusion of the European origin of this canvas, although its roots go back to Russia in the 90s.

After two publications of the Veidas, Lithuania closed the doors to the Sagaydak’s family and its emigration partners, pretending to be investors. The country’s security service did not allow prolonging his stay, and a court in Vilnius confirmed the legitimacy of the actions of the Lithuanian authorities.

For several years, Yuri Petrovich Sagaydak, his wife Vera Alexandrovna, and their Moscow joint venture SP-Consulting, lost 4 lawsuits in Germany against German lawyers and consultants who advised the Kazakh government during the legal prosecution of R. Aliyev in several European countries.

Offended and humiliated, the retired spy Sagaydak and his young wife felt that the contract concluded with them only for several months was not renewed. They were involved in the investigation of crimes in Russia, but their services were considered substandard, and the bills issued by them were manipulated with the content of material misstatements.

Sagaydak and his wife received a corresponding reward and could rest, given the age of the head of the family. But blackmailers and racketeers stop never. Anyone who has experienced the sweetness of seizing someone else’s property will never agree to engage in honest work. And what can he do if he has been thinking up “special operations” all his life? First, for the benefit of the Soviet homeland, then exclusively to the detriment of decent people and for their own enrichment.

After the couple lost the courts in Germany, the Moscow City Court put a fat end to them: on May 8, 2019, it recognized the decisions of the German courts and confirmed the right to forcibly recover legal costs from the SP-Consulting company in favor of the victims of their unfounded charges.

Now, Yuri and Vera Sagaydak are trying to move out of Russia by obtaining a residence permit in one of the countries of the European Union. They have information in store about Moscow VIP clients and Kazakh officials, which they expect to implement with benefit for themselves.

Vera Sagaidak in 2018 said goodbye to her homeland, having received a “Residence Permit” in Austria through Astreya Consulting. Since 2019, Astreya consulting GmbH, Weihburggasse 21, 1010 Vienna, has been renting apartments on AirBnB. [https://www.airbnb.at/users/show/257834801]. The husband of Vera, who is indicated there by the head, constantly flies with a tourist visa between Moscow and Vienna with stops in Cyprus and Venice.

After the failure in Lithuania, he avoids the Russophobic Baltic countries. At the end of December last year, he refused the flight scheduled for January 8 to Riga for fear of deportation, as the Baltic countries maintain a common list of unwanted guests.